Hộp đánh giá VeriVide Pilliscope

Hộp đánh giá VeriVide Pilliscope

The VeriVide Pilliscope provides consistent viewing conditions for assessing the effect of pilling tests on woven and knitted fabrics by comparing photographic standards with physical samples.
The light source which is fitted to Pilliscope is M62 35mm Open Dichroic Halogen Lamp. The Pilliscope offers high incident angled illumination, casting heavy, definitive shadows of pilling on the sample.
The drum featuring 5 photographs illustrating different grades of pilling is essential for assessing pilling effectively. 


The Pilliscope is suitable for use in conjunction with the ‘ICI Tumble Box’, ‘Random Tumble Piling Tester’ the ‘Martindale Wear Tester’ as well as other similar apparatus and can also be used with samples derived from actual wear.

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